Fenix Ayala

Entrepreneur | Founder and Co-Owner of the VGL

I rebranded

The Evaluna name was stripped away from me. Out of fear, I jumped to name myself something that would get me in the same situation in the future. After some soul-searching and spending time doing what I love, I realised I don't need a flashy brand name to sell myself. So now I'm glad to say I've found a new permanent name for myself. That being, my name, Fenix Ayala. When the time comes, new domains will be purchased for everything including this site. When they come around, you'll be notified.

Because Houston has been a very influential part of my life and my path to becoming an artist, I'm going to be helping other artists. The 713 Artists Association is a way for me to link up various artists in the Houston area with each other to create collaboration opportunities. These artists will also be supported by me directly and may get opportunities to be featured in various works of mine. (This is a rebrand of the Evaluna Affiliates program so all former artists who wish to continue work are already in the association)