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I'm Fenix. A young artist who has nothing better to do. I spend the majority of my time working on music or designing this site but I also do other things like stream (soon) and design clothing. This site will be a portfolio, blog connection, and overall hub to find all of my work and projects.

Xynthol's arrival

All praise our overlord Xynthol, the one and only above the human race that shall rule all. And we've made him an offering. Watch the video, then submit all to Xynthol


I now have a blog. I'll be posting regularly on there with updates and info about projects. A new post will be made each month. There may be more than one post each month so be sure to check regularly to get the latest and most in-depth updates.

i hate crying, it makes me feel human

New EP coming October 3rd. Debut Listening Party happening on October 3rd at 12pm CDT on Evaluna Radio.


  1. Oxygen

  2. Tears

  3. Requiem

  4. Self Torture By Fenix

Tracks will begin to air on Evaluna Radio on September 26th


The next project

Evaluna Radio

Listen to a live broadcast of music and other audio media made by Fenix Evaluna and other affiliated creators live 24/7 on Evaluna Radio on Zeno.Fm or on the Evaluna Radio site


Newest album, yatta yatta, stream it everywhere, just do the thing

The Traxon Project

Rhythm enformed. Life entranced.

Follow the development of the rhythm action game that pairs well with music

Novelty Sites have never looked so good

We designed this site, see what else we've done